Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The design elements and principles

The design elements and principles

In this view of the exterior of the Norwegian Opera House in Oslo, there is lines going in both vertically and horizontally that creates a dramatic and expressive shape, that almost look like an iceberg. The combination of the vertical and horizontal lines creates a great balance to the exterior of the building. 

Parts of the fa├žade is covered with a aluminum cladding with a pattern of blind print, which gives a textured finish get an exiting effect by light and shadows that creates a rhythm in the pattern that changes during the day.  The two volumes appear like two cubic igloos that create unity with the “ice shape” of the building.

The way the building is designed makes it possible for visitors to walk all over the building. You can even walk on the sloping roof all the way to the top, which creates a lot of exiting spaces for the audience to explore.  The sloping walls on both sides that lead you up to the highest roof level gives a nice proportion to the architecture of the Opera house.