Thursday, February 24, 2011


Part 2

Design for living

The second chapter deals with the difference of being an designer and an architect and the relationship between us and our things – on how design joins people together.

Founded my Walter Gropius, Bauhaus, a German art school was going to make the vision for the young designers to reshape the world come trough. All types of designers were brought together, to an open environment where they all could work together and learn from each other. A place where artist learned from the construction workers, and the construction workers learned from the artists. This became a vision for a new kind of life, a new future. Bauhaus became a centre of new thinking.

 As an enormous contrast to this industrial look the style of art Nouveau, the biggest enemy, had became the dominant design style, with is organic, decorative and sensual design. If you compare the design from the Bauhaus movement with the Art Nouveau style, is became clear that the simple and modernistic look would make it possible for easier and cheaper production for many people as possible. 

New technology made it possible to produce tubular steel. This opened up a whole new field of shapes. Tubular steel was mainly used on the chair were it became half structure, half product.

In terms of architecture, Le Corbusier was concerned about how to create a better life for the whole family. the modern family. He went a step further then the fitted kitchen and designed a fitted house,  a machine to live in, inspired by the train. It is important to connect his houses with the train, that symbolizes modern traffic and the future. He designed flexible and smart solutions for the apartments, that bade it possible for the residents to change the interior of the apartment after what was suited for the family

With a vision to change the American style of design, Le Corbusier moved to America. But the design and future was already chosen by capitalism, individualism and consumerism.
American designers much more pragmatic then European designers, and is much more after the main stream, because that is where all the money was  

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