Thursday, February 24, 2011



The first episode of this chaptered documentary is about the industrial world- the world the designers have made for us.

What does it mean to be a designer?

A designer is a person that worries about the things we surround us with in our daily life. They are concerned about define details, so we don’t have to. Things are designed to make a better world for the small things.

A famous designer, Dieter Rams means that good design is as little design as possible and should be as decreet as an English butler.
Here is some of his design principles about what is good design: 
- Innovative
- Useful
- Esthetic
- Honest

The role of a designer has changed with the development, like: capitalism, industrialization, mass production, new materials, new technology, globalization, etc. But before the mass production and industrialization things were hand made by craft men in small workshops, where every piece that was made was a little bit different from its siblings.

To day in terms of cars, a designer for Ford states that there is a car for everyone, back in the days, when Henry Ford invented the Model T the saying was a bit different; “ the same car for everyone”.

The biggest issue today is that we always tend to want a bit more. A little more comfort, a little better, or a little bigger, so new product today is always designed to be just that; a bit more comfortable, a little better and a bit more desirable then the previous version 

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